All companies, regardless of size or industry, must control annual systems support costs. None can sacrifice highly responsive, premium quality service. For a long time, it was almost impossible to achieve both objectives. Now, Ardent Support Technologies offers a solution.

Our customizable Support Services, Support Together program, and Proactive Systems Analysis offering-each with In Touch included-represent the industry's highest quality of support at a cost typically 40% to 70% lower than the competition.

Ardent's unique business model enables you to tailor support services to your needs. Plus, you'll benefit from our decades of industry knowledge and extensive face time with our engineers.

Why partner with Ardent? Because your business is on the line-and ours is, too.

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Data Center Maintenance Whitepaper

Third-Party Maintenance Maximizes the Value of IT Investments

IT Managers are under increasing pressure. Budgets continue to be scrutinized and doing more with less is the common theme. The mandate is clear: Streamline infrastructures and cut costs. But this can't come at the expense of performance.

Map out your strategy from the beginning to ensure your company will benefit as much as possible from the services being offered. Download our guide to learn how you can reduce costs while increasing support levels.

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